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Live Your Dream – Part 2

In my last blog post [LINK], I shared a few preliminary steps with you about how to get started living your dream. You already have access to your own wisdom; you just have to tap into it!

We talked about the importance of journaling to dive deep and figure out what excites you and where you get stuck. Next, we talked about setting an intention and confiding your dreams to the friends who will certainly hold you accountable.

Let’s pick up where we left off…

Step 3: Set Goals and Plan Them Out

When you’re building a long-term plan of action, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the many steps we have to take along the way. The key to enduring the ups and downs of your journey is to establish a regular system for approaching your goals. Once goal setting becomes a habit, it’s easy to fall back into it. You’ll look at your goals and intentions and be able to course correct to get back on the path if you veer off.

imagesStart by writing down three things you want to do today that fall in line with living your dream. Sounds simple and like it might not work, right? The simplicity of listing three things will propel you forward and keep you accountable to yourself. Monitor your results; identify the times of the day when you’re the most productive. Eat, sleep and treat your body well as you go along.

At the end of the week, reflect and ask what you learned over the past seven days; what did you do really well and what were your challenges? You’ll start to notice patterns. Use that pattern awareness as information to keep you motivated to accomplish those dreams even faster.

Step 4: Seek Support

It’s so important to have a community of people around you that supports you and understands your goals. Don’t be afraid to share what you want to do with others. Eventually you’ll find yourself completely surrounded with like-minded people, as the Universe is always bringing us whatever we put out. When you clarify and declare your dream, you’ll start encountering people that can help you live it.

I knew a woman who was contemplating leaving teaching in order to design and make jewelry. It was scary for her – she was a salaried, tenured teacher. How could she leave this profession for her dream and be able to live off it? She told her plans to some co-workers and friends. News of her desire and talent eventually got beyond her inner circle to an external circle of people she didn’t even know. People bought her jewelry through the friends she’d shared her dream with, her support group.

She was getting so much business that she was able to go from full-time teaching to part-time and then was able to leave it altogether. She now has a full jewelry business. She wasn’t afraid to let others know what her dream was and surrounded herself with supportive people.

It doesn’t make you a weak person to ask for help. Ask from a place of strength; if you appear frayed or vulnerable when asking for assistance, you’ll attract similar people.

Make a choice to live your dream; don’t straddle the line. If your dream is grandiose or seems farfetched or unrealistic to other people, who cares? It’s not their dream. It’s yours. So make a choice and take these steps to go forth and live your dream.

Dare to be bold, and share your dream in the comments below!

Wishing you peace to your mind, wellness to your body and tranquility to your spirit.


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN, AHP, CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous and The Wellness Architect

blissful living, health and wellness

Live Your Dream – Part 1

Think back to when you were a little kid. Did you have a dream of becoming a nurse, doctor, successful artist, actress or engineer? As we grow up we can get distracted by ideas that other people feel are best for us but that don’t fit what our dream lives could be.

Most of us are bombarded by other people’s opinions about what we should be doing or how we should be living. But there is no “should.” Whose standards are we listening to?

My Mercedes Benz Story

When I was in high school I declared to all my friends that I’d be driving a Mercedes Benz by the time I was 30. I went to college and forgot all about my intention, let alone the fact that I’d shared it with my friends.

15 years later I re-connected with one of those high school buddies. While we were catching up on the phone she said, “So are you driving a Mercedes yet?” I was about 31 or 32 and I said, “Yes, I am; how did you know that?”

I’d completely forgotten that it had been a dream of mine. But because I’d shared my dream it was out in the Universe and returned to me with powerful energy. Here and in my next blog I’ll share a few steps to get you started living your dream.

Step 1: Make the Unconscious Conscious

Unknown-1Find out what you already know about yourself. When something’s missing in your life, deep down you know it even if it’s not completely conscious yet. Notice what you’re resisting when it comes to living your dreams. Ask yourself, “What would I tell my best friend about living my dream? What am I hiding from or afraid to do?” Ask these questions, take out your journal and write down what comes to you. This will help you understand what you already know.

Go back later and read what you wrote. This will give you an opportunity to examine what might be holding you back or discover what you’re frightened of or are excited about. You’ll gain clarity about the next action steps.

You may need to do this process a couple of times since some of the information will be hidden beneath the surface. The really beneficial insights rest at the buddhic level, meaning deep inside us.

Step 2: Set Your Intention & Confide Your Dreams to Friends

If you’ve identified your dreams and they still feel like nothing more than a fantasy, set an intention to help you move forward. As long as your dream benefits others, setting an intention will bring you into alignment with your dharma, your purpose. That’s your heart’s desire. Intention gives energy and direction to action and eliminates the other options that may be bright shiny distractions as you pursue your dream.

I strongly suggest you confide in your friends when you’ve clarified your dreams. It could be two months, 12 weeks or 21 years from now, but they will keep you accountable because you mentioned something to them that’s important to you. Everyone wants you to live your dream!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post next week. I’ll outline some additional steps I want to share with you about how to go for and LIVE your dream!

Wishing you peace to your mind, wellness to your body and tranquility to your spirit.


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN, AHP, CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous and The Wellness Architect