Holistic Health is the Key to Optimal Wellbeing

Did you know that everything you need to be completely healthy and well is available to you right now? Listening to your inner wisdom and divine guidance to access optimal health is 100% possible, and in my experience, a Holistic Health approach is an excellent way to treat the mind, body and spirit.

In truth, it is possible to combine a Holistic Health regime with a traditional Western medicine practice and still have fabulous results. But if you’re newer to the idea of Holistic Health, it may be confusing but necessary to keep your body functioning well. Here is a basic explanation of what Holistic Health is, and how it’s different than traditional Western medicine.

Traditional Western Medicine: Treating the Signs and Symptoms

Traditional Western medicine tends to focus on the signs and symptoms that are presenting. Whether it is an injury, a cold or virus, bacterial invasion or a disease process that’s already manifest, you’re likely to be prescribed pharmaceutical medications for what’s presenting.

Regular doctors want their patients to feel better and they know that if they make the signs and symptoms disappear, the patient will be happier. However, even though the person feels better, they still have the disease process or the illness because the root cause was not resolved.

Holistic Health: Prevention is Key

Holistic Health is a health modality that is focused on mind, body and spirit. The belief is that if any of those three aspects are not quite in sync, it manifests as illness in the body.

If we aren’t quite functioning at our highest level in any of the three areas, health challenges will arise at the weakest points in the body. Mind, body and spirit vitality are necessary for total health and well-being.

With a focus on prevention (although disease and illness treatment does occur as well), the Holistic approach uses natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical medications, which can be toxic and harmful to the body. The ultimate goal of Holistic Health is to restore and maintain balance in the mind, body and spirit.

Mind, Body and Spirit Connection

The belief is that what exists in the mind will manifest in the body because the two are deeply connected. Connecting with spirit as you focus on healing your mind and body allows for a greater semblance of peace, rest, and rejuvenation. There is a direct link between all three of them.

Illness can manifest in many ways that you may not expect, including anxiety, worry, lethargy, anger and rage issues. All of which will present themselves in the body on a more physical level.

Holistic Health is a natural way to strengthen the mind, body and spirit.


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Beyond Food

During the detox you’ll forego foods, substances and habits that don’t serve you.

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Eliminating the wrong kinds of foods (too many sweets, breads, heavy foods) and the amount of time we spend in front of the TV or on our electronic devices can all assist your gentle detox efforts. In fact, I suggest that you eliminate as many toxins as possible during the detox process – and yes, television, video games, excess computer use and cell phone use are all toxic to the body. Continue reading