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Getting a Blissful Night’s Sleep- Tips to help you get the rest you need

19 Feb

With sleep being a pillar of life, it is very important that we nurture it and make this pillar a very important part of our life because how we take care of this pillar has a tremendous effect on our health and wellbeing.

With all the stimulation that we have our lives, it has become more and more difficult to shut down from the activities of the day to allow our mind and body to connect to begin the slow down process that leads to a good night’s sleep. We are stimulated by television, cellphones, computers and tablets that alert us when anything and everything occurs. In fact, some people actually have difficulty in putting their cellphones down.  Its no wonder, a third of the adults and kids in the United States suffer from type of sleep issue or challenge.


Ok so you may asking yourself do I suffer from sleep challenges, am I one of those folks that just can shut off my technology, put down my cellphone or take a break from my television… Is all this modern technology depriving me from being the best that I can be with mental, physical and emotional alertness, balance and energy? Or you may saying to yourself… yeah I know this is a challenge for me but I’m so productive and I can always catch up on sleep… right…  Yet still you may be the person that knows this is a problem for you and you want to know what you can do about it.


Here are 6 ways to better sleep that you can begin doing immediately so that you can get that good night’s sleep that you desire, deserve, crave and want.


  1. Eat for Blissful Sleep – What you eat and when you eat it has a profound effect on sleep quality. Eat dinner at least three hours prior to bedtime to give you body plenty of time to complete digestion before sleep. You’ll rest better if your stomach isn’t overly full and you’ll also prevent nighttime heartburn.

  2. Drink For Blissful Sleep– A glass of wine or an adult beverage with dinner can help you unwind from the day’s stressors, but avoid too much more than that and have none of these types of beverages at least 3 hours prior to retiring to bed. Although Alcohol has an initial sedative effect, excessive alcohol stimulates the release of cortisol, which can cause restless sleep and awakening during the night.
  3. Exercise For Blissful Sleep – Studies show that exercise is as beneficial as prescription drugs for promoting restful sleep. Consistent daily exercise is crucial for keeping stress, worry, anxiety and depression – all of which are prime contributors to sleep problems – at bay.
  4. Exercise Outdoors For An Extra Blissful Sleep Boost – If you exercise outdoors, you’ll benefit from the sun’s effect on harmonizing your body clock. Spending just one-half-hour in the sun everyday, especially in the morning, modulates your body’s production of the hormone melatonin, which helps to regulate your sleep cycles.
  5. Create a Blissful Sleep Environment – Make your bedroom a tranquil haven by surrounding yourself with soothing colors. Blues, greens, and purples are traditionally thought to be the most calming shades. To create a blissful environment, clear away all clutter and ban televisions and computers from the bedroom (this is what I do and I love it) Make your room as dark as possible. Light from any source, even a small light from a digital clock can significantly interfere with sleep. Light disrupts the circadian rhythm by diminishing the production of melatonin, which signals the body to awaken. Turn your cell phone off or to vibrate and place it in another room so that you don’t hear the tings and vibration of the phone with every alert.
  6. Establish a Regular Bedtime – Creating a set bedtime for going to bed and getting up in the morning helps your body establish a blissful sleep-wake cycle. Once you set your sleep schedule it’s beneficial to maintain it even on weekend and during vacations.
    A good bedtime is between the hours of 10pm -11pm. This allows the body time to begin it healing and repair work with fluidity and ease.



May your sleep time be more Restorative, Healing and Blissful!


A Good Night’s Sleep is Important

5 Feb

Do you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep? Do you have difficulty falling to sleep or staying asleep? You have plenty of company. Today there are a third of adults in the United States that experience occasional sleep problems and one our of every 10 suffers from chronic insomnia.


Most people associate insomnia as a condition where people can’t fall asleep but it is so much more. There are many people that have no problem falling asleep easily but wake up during the night and find it difficulty to get back to sleep. My friends is a form of insomnia. How about this, you might even be getting a sufficient amount of sleep but you still wake up tired and groggy in the morning. This my friends is also a form of insomnia. Since sleep is one of the pillars of life, it is very important that we get the best sleep possible.


It is no accident or fable that sleep is a pillar of life. We need good sleep to feel energetic and alert. What’s even more important is that while we’re sleeping our bodies perform a variety of essential restorative tasks, including healing and repair, detoxification, repairing cellular damage and searching out and destroying foreign invaders. Sleep is so powerful that it restores the proper levels of brain chemicals thus playing an essential role in emotional well-being.


A lack of sleep wears down the body, resulting in a lower immune capacity of the body, which increases susceptibility to disease, obesity, and premature aging. There is absolutely no question that getting enough sleep and getting good quality sleep is vitally important for optimal physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.


There is a myth about sleep that we all have heard. That myth is that we need eight hours of sleep per night. The reality is that depending on your body type, you may be a person that needs just 6 hours of sleep or you may be a person that needs 9 hours of sleep or a person that falls somewhere in that range. The bottom line is you must make it a priority to get sufficient, restorative and healing sleep. It’s one of the most important habits you can cultivate for your health and your happiness.


Wishing you peace and tranquility,

The Essence of Essential Oils ~ Tip for safe and effective use

3 Jun

A few years ago I created a document that provided 101 uses for the essential oils of lavender, lemon and peppermint ( and now I want to share tips for safe and effective use of essential oils.

From the calming aroma of lavender to the invigorating scent of peppermint, essential oils can stimulate our senses, influence our mood, and even heal our hurts. For thousands of years, essential oils have been used in a countless way for health and well-being. The leaves, petals and other plant components naturally contain hundreds of beneficial chemicals that help attract pollinators, protect the plant from harm such as pests or bacteria and provide healing and nourishment to the plant. Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants that harness these diverse chemicals. If you want to get started using essential oils, here are some tips:

  • FIND AN EXPERT. Many health food stores have essential oil selections that they’ve researched extensively before bringing them into the store and they usually have at least one person on staff with in-depth knowledge about the products they sell.
  • DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. A company’s literature and website can tell you a lot about the quality of its products, but don’t rely on them as your sole source of information. Watch out for companies that aren’t transparent about how they source their oils, or make outrageous claims that don’t measure up to an independent investigation.
  • LOOK FOR BOTANICAL NAMES. All essential oil products should include the Latin names of the botanicals as different species of plants can have different effects. Did you know that there are over 30 species of lavender alone and over 400 varieties? Stay away from products that don’t list this important information on the label.
  • BUY ORGANIC. Certified organic oils must meet stringent requirements regarding the use of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals and additives. A company that obtains certification has already met these numerous and rigorous specifications, making it a good bet that quality is important to them.
  • BE CAUTIOUS OF TERMINOLOGY. Words like “pure” and “therapeutic grade’ are not regulated in any way, anyone can use them. Ask yourself how the company backs up the words it uses to describe its products. If you’re not satisfied, look elsewhere.
  • PAY FOR QUALITY. In the case of essential oils, price really can predict quality or a lack of quality. Stay away from essential oils that are cheaper than reputable brands. Cheap oils can indicate poor quality or dilution of the key ingredients that render these oils ineffective.
  • START SMALL. It’s best to start with one or two well-known essential oils that are easy to use. Try lavender for relaxation, lemon to give energy or eucalyptus as a decongestant.
  • DIFFUSE THEM. Diffusing an essential oil spreads the health promoting properties through the air. This can be as simple as putting a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and then placing the cotton ball nearby. Of course, a wide variety of diffusers is available for purchase. You can contact me and I will help you find one that meets your specific needs. (
  • STORE ESSENTIAL OILS CORRECTLY. Essential oils should come in dark-colored bottles to protect the contents from light and should be stored in a dark, cool place. Do not store plastic eyedroppers in an essential oil bottle as the concentrated oils can dissolve the plastic.
  • Most essential oils are incredibly safe, but only when used properly. Pets and children can be sensitive to certain aromas, so do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Let these tips be your guide to the safe and effective use of essential oils. Have fun and experiment with aromas that suit your needs and smell preferences. Allow the essence of this beautiful, healing gift to invade the essence of your being and surround you with goodness, energy, wellbeing and the feeling of Bliss.

Wishing you peace, wellness & tranquility!


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS                                                                  

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

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Power Up Your Smoothie!

20 May

There’s a lot to love when it comes to delicious, healthy, healing and filling smoothies, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Smoothies can be used as a fabulous start to the day or a healthy snack or meal during the day. They’re fun to make and a tasty way to get more protein, fruits, and vegetables into your diet.

I have specific recipes for my clients depending on what they’re wellness goals are.  I would love to share with you some tips for making smoothies that I share with them when it comes to making smoothies.  Smoothies can be made with juice, water, yogurt, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk or any of the other milk alternatives, they can contain veggies, fruit, supplements, herbs and spices. I suggest combining 1 cup of fruit or vegetables with 1 cup of liquid and two to three ice cubes. Adding a teaspoon of a spice like cinnamon or ground ginger can add an exotic taste plus a boost of phytochemicals.

Any fruit or vegetable can be mixed together, some are better than others when it comes to taste and nutrition. Here are some of the suggestions that I have.

  • Avocados add creaminess and thickness to smoothies. High in potassium and Vitamins A, C and E, avocados are also rich in essential fatty acids.
  • Bananas add a thick and creamy texture to smoothies. They offer a high level of potassium and help boost the immune system.
  • Dates add thickness and sweetness along with vitamins A, B1, B2, C and D.
  • Spinach contains fiber that can help clean the digestive tract of free radicals.
  • Strawberries provide vitamin c and cleansing actions for the liver. They also have antiviral and antioxidant properties.

To add a boost to your smoothie try adding one or more of the following to your smoothie for extra benefits including enhanced energy, joint repair, and toxin removal.

  • Cacao is a mineral- rich super food that offers energizing and anti-aging properties. It makes a smoothie taste like dessert!
  • Chia seeds have been consumed for energy for centuries. They make an excellent thickener for a smoothie when it’s left to chill for about half an hour after being blended.
  • Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil contain omega 3s that help the joints avoid the absorption of toxins.
  • Hemp seeds provide a nutty flavor, omega 3s and omega 6s, fatty acids, and protein.
  • Wheatgrass offers antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Once you start making smoothies you will love them because the process of making them puts you in charge of what you get to take into your body and that my friends it powerful within itself.

Wishing you peace, wellness & tranquility!



Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS                                                                  

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

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Master Your Bad Craving Habits

6 May

In my last article, Master Your Cravings, (Master Your Cravings) I realized that not only do we have cravings that can wreck havoc on our waistline but also we have habits that help us to hang on to these cravings. This made me take a look at what I do when I get challenged by my cravings that add to the enticement of the craving. What I discovered is that there are certain habits that naturally fall in line with our cravings. So what I decided to do is to discuss how you can get rid of these bad habits that may be keeping you hostage to your cravings.

How many of you fall into this bad habit of Late-Night Snacking? What this actually may mean for you is that you are overtired and are using the “snacking” to keep you awake.  Hunger hormones like ghrelin, leptin and cortisol can all be affected by the lack of sleep. If there’s an imbalance it can change your satiety levels, causing you to crave carbs. Or hey, you just might be bored at night or looking to reward yourself after folding laundry or you feel you should have a treat as you watch your favorite TV show. I discovered that this was a major issue with many of those that I work with however most people were unaware that they even did this or why they did it.

To curb this bad habit is that when you feel yourself getting tired go straight to bed. If you truly can’t fall asleep, create distractions that don’t involve food. Try playing with your pet or doing something that keeps your hands busy. If you absolutely must have a late night snack try, warm unsweetened almond milk with a little cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.  To rewire your brain pathway to eliminate this bad habit make your breakfast to set yourself up for success before bed. Having a morning meal with at least 35 grams of protein may lead to less snacking on high-fat foods at nighttime, compared with starting the day with a low-protein breakfast, like cereal or skipping it altogether.

The other bad habit that seems to be a major problem for people is what I like to call “ Bad Days” or “Pig Out Days.” There are reasons for this. When you eat comfort foods, you get a boost of serotonin and dopamine, feel-good neurotransmitters that act like antidepressants. To curb this bad habit simply do something like order healthy takeout. You can call ahead to your go-to sushi spot and grab it on your way home. It ‘ll feel like a pick me up and help you to control what you’re eating. To rewire the brain pathway for this bad habit remember that your food is medicine and should be treated as so. Instead of eating something, change your clothes right away and go for a jog or do yoga. Or take a hot bath and sip a glass of your favorite healthy beverage while you get lost in a good book or podcast.

Lastly, if you must submit to a bad habit craving, take the time to make the thing that you are carving, as healthy as possible.

Wishing you peace, wellness & tranquility!



Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS                                                                  

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

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Master Your Cravings

22 Apr

Cravings are a huge problem for many of us. I have even had to rebalance myself to master my cravings this year, which is a first for me. So when I was going through the struggle of getting my cravings in check, I realized for the first time that this is what many of those that I work with struggle with on a daily basis and it can be extremely tough to refrain from your cravings if you don’t know what to do.

So I decided to share some wisdom on how you can successfully master your cravings. Check this out, whether it’s your sweet tooth, which was my problem, or your woe-is-me-mood nudging you toward the goodies, there are some things that you can to get the urge in check, without depriving yourself. If you’ve ever been called to the cabinet by a bag of chocolate chip cookies or better yet enticed by a bag of Oreo cookies and if you are hormonal, it could be a bag of Lay’s potato chips, just know that you are a normal human being.  Even the most disciplined people can’t help surrendering to food cravings. To simply put it, a craving is just a habit that you have scored into your brain pathway.  For instance, if you tend to eat when you’re anxious or at a certain time of night, the behavior just continues on as part of your lifestyle. What’s worse is a lot of people turn to mindless super snacking when they’re really looking to comfort themselves or just find a distraction.

So here’s the deal, don’t beat yourself up because of your succumbed to your cravings, just follow the suggestions below to get yourself back on track.

Salty Cravings ~  This can be a sign of dehydration or a mineral or electrolyte imbalance.

To curb this craving reach for the spice rack Adding spices like turmeric, rosemary, basil, cayenne smoked paprika will help curtail this craving.

To rewire and kill the cravings keep yourself hydrated divide your weight in half and drink that many ounces of water per day. Fill your diet with foods that are rich in potassium, like avocado and sweet potato. Potassium will bring water to your cells to hydrate you.

Sweet Cravings ~     Sugar is physically addictive, the more you eat of it, the more you want it.

To curb this craving grab a piece of fruit. Fruit contains natural sugar and carbs that are balanced out by fiber and other nutrients causing less dramatic blood sugar spikes.

Sweet Cravings ~  To rewire and kill this craving try going cold turkey on traditional sweets, for two weeks. Then over the next two weeks eat less of the not so obvious “sugar monsters,” like high sugar yogurt. By the end of the two-week cycle your sweet urges will be greatly diminished and by the fourth week your cravings will be dramatically reduced or none at all.

Here’s some more scoop for you, most cravings pass after about fifteen to thirty minutes so you also have the option of just waiting for them to pass.  A great way to distract your brain from the craving is to go for a walk, turn on some music and sing at the top of your lungs or dance around like there’s no tomorrow.

Wishing you peace, wellness & tranquility!



Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS                                                                  

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

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Deep Listening For Success

31 Mar

Every successful individual that I know or have worked with has gone through life with intention and a clear sense of purpose. I have also come across those individuals that say they don’t know what their intention or purpose is. I tell these people that often the reason individuals don’t know their intention or purpose is because they simply haven’t spent enough time listening to themselves, carefully and in silence.  I often get that look like “What????”

Deep Listening is a practice of stopping and listening without judgment or advice. All you have to do is sit down, rest your mind and ask yourself in silence: What do I really want? What is my life for? And if you go deep enough, intention will emerge. I would definitely call this a form of meditation. In fact I would say it is a must for success, no matter what you want to do.

With Deep Listening, you have an opportunity to honestly evaluate yourself. When you’re reflecting on a habit or an action, such as something you perceive as an obstacle or something you think you’ve accomplished, take the time to ask yourself, “ Am I being deceived or is this really happening the way it seems to me?” This helps us on our path to Bliss because when you listen to yourself, you put yourself in a better position to listen to others.

When we listen deeply, we can observe and investigate a habit or action without being identified with it and without pushing it away or pulling it in. This puts us in a position to be able to observe and then ask ourselves “What would happen if this is true?”

Deep Listening is not just for the mind and spirit; it’s also perfect for the body. This is something that I like to emphasize. The body is always talking to us and many of us fail to listen to the whispers of our body.  Here is what I suggest that you do: stop and listen to your body, surrender to being with what is. Ask yourself: “What is my body trying to tell me? What should I be paying attention to here? Have I been overdoing it? Have I been going too hard or too long?”

Your body is like a broadcasting station. Learn to listen and to trust that still, small voice inside, the voice of self- knowing, and the voice that will never lead you astray. You may slow down for a little while but in the long run it will keep you healthier and active.

As you learn to practice deep listening to yourself and your body, you will find that you’re listening skills get fine-tuned and allows you to listen to others better. When you are able to listen to yourself without judgment, you are able to listen to others without judgment and really hear what that person is trying to say to you. This my friends, is a true key to success in life.

Wishing you peace, wellness and tranquility!

Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

Host of Blissful Living Show




Healthy Ways to Stop Headache Pain

18 Mar

Did you know that almost a fifth of the people presenting to the emergency department go there for headache pain and for women between the ages of 18 to 44, I jumps to a third of the visits. Wow when I read this it was mind boggling to me.  You see severe headaches and migraines can leave you in agony, but even mild headaches can be painful enough to negatively affect your life. And stress, hormones and life can play a major part in bringing a headache on.

Instead of focusing on the headache pain and causes, I am going to focus on natural treatments for your headache pain.

The first remedy that I would like to talk about is the Boswellia tree. This ancient tree contains a resin that has potent anti-inflammatory properties. This tree resin has been included in studies treating people with cluster headaches, which occurred over the course of weeks, month, or even years. Cluster headaches are so intense that they have often been called the “suicide headaches.” The wonderful thing is that the Boswellia tree resin has been shown to provide long –lasting pain relief and has also been shown to decrease the intensity and frequency of these headaches.

Next there’s Butterbur. This is a perennial shrub and has been used to treat pain relief and headache prevention. This beauty has been shown to prevent migraine headaches, in clinical research studies. Butterbur taken twice per day has been shown to decrease the frequency of migraine headaches.  Please note that some Butterbur contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which may cause liver damage, so be careful when selecting your supplement to ensure you get a supplement that’s free of these harmful compounds.

Lastly, I want to share this goody for decreasing headache pain and you are going to flip when you find out. Ready? Well it is the good old vitamin B complex. B vitamins have become a popular treatment for the reduction or the severity of migraines and headaches. B vitamins contain riboflavin that has been deemed effective for the prevention of migraines. In addition vitamin B-6 has been shown to decrease headaches associates with the menstrual cycle.  Vitamin B-6 may even help decrease headaches associated with oral contraceptives.

All of these are available as supplements at your natural health stores. It is always suggested that you check with your healthcare provider for the correct dosage to take for you.

Wishing you peace, wellness and tranquility!


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

Host of Blissful Living Show

Immunity Boosters

20 Jan

If you’re in the mode of stockpiling face masks, hand sanitizers, chicken soup, cold and flu medication, I would like for you to consider this: Your best protection against common airborne illnesses starts within. When you build a strong immune system from the inside out, and don’t sabotage your healthy status with habits that hinder your body’s ability to fight off infection and illness you are able to maintain a state of well-being during the most challenging times. Of course its also very necessary for you to wash your hands as often as possible with good old fashion soap and water.

During this time of year there’s a lot of talk about the Immune system and keeping it healthy and well. But you may be wondering just how do I do this. What do I need to do to keep myself and my family health and well? Do the “things” I hear about movement, herbs and all that natural stuff really work?

Here’s the deal…

Sitting around and doing nothing AKA lack of physical exercise can reduce immunity in two ways. It can interfere with getting a good night’s sleep and can lead to obesity.  Now if you are someone that sits at a desk all day, this lack of movement can leave you and your immune system feeling sluggish. But wait here is a simple solution; regular, moderate exercise will make a difference and you will feel the effects immediately. It is best to aim for a daily brisk walk of 30 minutes a day. If you can’t get 30 minutes at one time, you can break this up into 3 10- minute walks. And if you can’t get out for a walk do 3 sets of 10 jumping jacks every 1 ½ to 2 hours. Exercise is great because it increases leukocyte levels in the body and these are the cells that fight infection and keep our bodies healthy and well.

It’s also a great idea to eat as much whole foods as possible, especially organic fruits and vegetables. Choose fruits and veggies for their antioxidants components and their nutrients that protect the cells from free radical damage. Free radical cellular damage has ( been implicated in heart disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, and arthritis. Free radicals can also interfere with your immune system causing you to be more vulnerable in both the body and mind. Another benefit of eating whole foods…  They help you manage your weight.

Short-term stress may initially boost immunity but chronic stress does the opposite. Chronic stress depletes your immune system exposing your body to a floodgate of stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline; which causes havoc on the body and the mind. Learning relaxation techniques, perhaps through yoga, meditation or tai chi, can also boost your immune system and improve your sleep too.



Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

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Can Omegas help you lose weight?

6 Jan

Losing weight can be a struggle, but incorporating more essential fatty acids into a balance diet may help you shed some pounds. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to say that adding more fats to our diets will help us lose weight, the science behind this seems to support this theory.

Essentials for Good Health

Omega-3’s essential fatty acids provide a wealth of health benefits. They are an important part of many processes in the body, and research suggest they can help prevent heart disease and stroke as well as help protect the body against cancer.

Are you wondering, So What’s The Catch? Well here it is; our bodies can’t make omega 3s so we must get them through food sources or supplements.

The three main types of these beneficial fats are Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), which are typically derived from oily fish like wild salmon and tuna, and alpha Linolenic Acid (LNA), which is found in certain vegetable oils, like canola, soybean and olive oils, as well as in walnuts, flax seeds and green, leafy vegetables.  Another good reason to eat your leafy green vegetables.

Omega- 6 fatty acids work to reduce inflammation, protect against heart disease and help lower LDL (Bad) cholesterol levels. They also help keep bones healthy and aid the body in regulating metabolism. Omega 6s, like omega 3s, also come from food sources. Omega 6s can be found in safflower, corn and soybean oils.

In addition to all the wonderful things omega 3s, essential fatty acids do, they have been shown to support weight loss and weight management, as well. Recent studies have shown that obese women, who received a dietary supplement containing EPA and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) as part of a weight loss regime, lost significantly more weight than a placebo group.

In addition to weight loss benefits, omegas help to manage levels of stress hormones in the body and perhaps help us to be in a better state of mind when it comes to managing our weight. It has been found that people that take fish oil supplements have lower levels of epinephrine and cortisol. They also perceive themselves to be less stressed.

My word of wisdom to you are this; If you are on the fence about adding omega 3s to your diet, I highly suggest that you reconsider and give your heart a chance. The benefits of taking omega 3s far out weigh you not taking them, so do your body a favor, help it out by adding omega 3s to your daily intake of nutrients. Your heart, mind and waist will thank you.

Wishing you peace to your mind, wellness to your body and tranquility to your spirit.


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

Host of Blissful Living Show