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Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy – Part 1: What Are Essential Oils?

20 May

In Ayurveda, one of the natural modalities that is used to help a person achieve wellness and balance is called aromatherapy. Essential oils play a specific and very important role in our lives because they’re all natural and very healing.

The essences of the oil are extracted from the plants’ leaves, roots, seeds and flowers. When we use these highly concentrated molecules on our bodies, they interact with our bloodstream, either when we inhale them, absorb them or take them internally, and we benefit directly from the nutrients in the plant.

Keep in mind that plants and humans have evolved alongside each other for thousands of years and we basically have somewhat the same chemistry. However, when we extract the essential oil from the plant, we’re taking part of its critical survival mechanism and its immune system. That, when ingested, helps our bodies achieve health and well-being.


The beautiful thing about utilizing essential oils is the science of aromatherapy. This is more than just the smelling of essential oils, it goes way deeper.

When we inhale these wonderful essential oils, the sensory palate within our brain is stimulated. The reaction can seem subtle, but different oils activate different aspects within our body to promote a state of equilibrium and synchronicity. This manifests outwardly as less stress and anxiety, and an increased sense of happiness, joy and creativity.

So Ayurveda uses essence, or the science of aromatherapy, for many multi-dimensional facets of healing, depending on what the client’s needs may be. Sometimes it is best to ingest certain essential oils directly, which looks like taking a drop of oil just as we would take a spoonful of honey.

Prayer and Meditation

Essential oils have been utilized for thousands of years during prayer and meditation. The Catholic Church specifically uses incense such as frankincense and myrrh, which dates back to Biblical days. This is a great tool to enhance spirituality and bring us closer to God and Spirit.

In the simplest terms, aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure essential oils to enhance the skin, the body, the mind and the soul.

Today, try rubbing a dab of oil on various parts of your body, such as your forehead or your third eye, your temple, your ear lobes or behind your neck. It also feels good to rub it into the bottom of your feet. It will take about 20 seconds to absorb, and about 2-4 minutes for your body to begin processing the benefits of the oil. You will notice your anxiety decrease and feel your mood uplifted.

Now you know what essential oils are and how you can use them to support your body and mind. Next week, I’m going to talk about which oils to use, where to get them, and how they can improve your quality of life.

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Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

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Natural Tips to Help You Fall Asleep Faster

6 May

Most people have an idea of what to do in order to get a peaceful night’s rest, but for one reason or another they still find themselves tossing and turning. Their mind won’t quit – it won’t shut off.

We all know that lack of sleep can cause many significant health issues and increase stress levels. And yet, for about 50% of the nation’s population, getting a good night’s sleep is harder than mining for diamonds in Africa!

In Ayurveda, sleep is one of the three pillars of health. In order for our bodies to have perfect health and well being, we need to have time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. With the intention of decreasing stress and reducing its effect on our bodies, here are some simple tips for falling asleep that have helped my clients and myself tremendously.

Lavender Essential Oil

Put a drop of highly therapeutic lavender essential oil on the bottom of each foot and massage it in to your skin. Use your finger to rub it in about 8-10 times. The oil will be absorbed into the body very quickly, and you can use the remaining oil on your shoulders. This will help to cool the winds of the mind and move into a relaxed state.

Make Your Diet A Routine

Eat three cooked meals a day, preferably at the same time of day. This will help the mind fall into a normal routine or pattern to decrease feelings of chaos and unpredictability. As much as you can, keep things stable and regular.

Choose A Bedtime

Ideally, go to bed by 10 pm and wake up by 6 am to set a predictable pattern for the mind. Use the lavender oil on your body about 15 minutes before you’re ready for lights out to relax your body. 

Remove Electronics

Turn off the television and any electronic equipment in your room! The electromagnetic energy and radiation that comes from these devices keep your mind alert, especially if your cell phone makes a sound every time you receive a message. Ideally, turn off the TV at least 15 minutes before you go to bed and keep all electronics away from the area where you sleep.

Drink Warm Milk

Make a nice, warm, yummy drink to help relax your body: warm 4-6 oz. milk and put a pinch of nutmeg in it. Allow the nutmeg to be absorbed and enjoy. If you’re lactose intolerant, this recipe still works great with other kinds of milk (coconut, almond, soy, etc.).

Nutmeg is a natural sleep inducer because it allows melatonin to release naturally, but be careful not to add too much as it can be harmful to the body.

Diffuse Essential Oil

A diffuser is a container that you fill with water and a couple drops of essential oil. It works similar to a mister or vaporizer to add essential oils into the atmosphere, and is a lovely way to help your body relax. Let it be part of your 15-minute ritual before you go to bed.


Try a 5-minute meditation to calm the mind. It doesn’t have to be formal, it can be as simple as laying in bed with the lights off and giving gratitude for the things that happened during the day.

When thoughts come up, repeat the word “calm” to yourself. Say, “I am calm, I am at peace, I am relaxed and I’m being restored.” Repeat this phrase and allow the rambling thoughts to disappear. Eventually you’ll fall off into slumber and have a great night’s sleep.

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Wishing you much health and wellness!


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

Twitter: @rochelelawson