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Gentle Detox: How to Get Starte

The toxins in our body can be removed through a very gentle process. Some of my clients ask for the deepest detox process that I have to offer, which is called panchakarma, a deep Ayurvedic detox for the body, mind and spirit.

Some other clients might prefer to start more gently. Any level of intensity will be extremely beneficial and will protect your health year-round, especially in the fall.

Beyond Food

During the detox you’ll forego foods, substances and habits that don’t serve you.

Prescription or over-the-counter medications, environmental toxins, processed or fast foods, alcohol or anything that puts unusual stress or strain on your nervous and digestive systems all cause liver overload.

Eliminating the wrong kinds of foods (too many sweets, breads, heavy foods) and the amount of time we spend in front of the TV or on our electronic devices can all assist your gentle detox efforts. In fact, I suggest that you eliminate as many toxins as possible during the detox process – and yes, television, video games, excess computer use and cell phone use are all toxic to the body. Continue reading