Meditation on the Go

Is your mind a streaming dialogue? Does the mental chatter leave you exhausted and anxious? maybe you need meditation to restore calm and balance.

Too busy to sit still? Here are some on the spot tips to practice mindfulness during the daily grind:

At the office: Before checking emails and voice messages in the morning, sit at your desk, close your eyes for a few minutes and let yourself arrive. A daily meditation such as this helps break the cycle of constantly leaning into the future with thoughts like , Will I make my deadline? or What does my co-worker think of me?

At the Supermarket: When you get stuck in a slow checkout line and think why does this always happen to me? breathe and notice the anxiety and self-judgement. You’ll notice that the situation is happening, but not happening to you. This will decrease your anxiety.

Washing Dishes: Connect to the sensory elements of the water, soap and dishes to help reframe what might be a dull chore into a pleasant ritual. Give thanks for your sense of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing and fill yourself with appreciation for being able to do the chore. This keeps the mind from drifting to negative thoughts that occur while doing something boring.

For more tips on meditation on the go contact us at: info@healthhealingwellness.com or visit www.healthhealingwellness.com


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