The Law Of Mind Action

The timeless Law of Mind Action is a universal truth. Things held in the mind create their own like kind. Our thoughts and words create our experience in the world, and they certainly influence how the world responds to us.  Many times during the day, we experience true and positive thoughts and false and negative thoughts. It is the false thoughts in our mind that feed into the illusion that we do not have control over what happens in our life. This false thought or belief can lead to an increase in the feelings of stress and overwhelm and a sense of a loss of control.

When we feed into the false thoughts of our mind, events, occurrences and situations will begin to manifest in our lives that allow more false thoughts to come into our mind. This becomes a cycle that repeats itself which feeds into the negative thoughts and false beliefs.  If things are not going well for you and you focus on that, chances are you’ll get more of the same.

When we change the focus of our thinking from negative to positive, our life will begin to manifest more of what we truly seek and desire. Peace will be a more occurring state of mind for us because where there is peace, chaos can not exist. This fundamental truth has been tested and proved time and time again.

I invite you to try this:

To make a shift in your thinking and to bring more positivity into your life try focusing on cultivating gratitude – turning your attention to the positive things in life, so that you can attract more of the same and take advantage of the positive energy that subsequently surfaces.

Remember that in every situation perceived as negative there is always a positive aspect of the situation. It is a duty we owe to ourselves to seek out this positive aspect that brings peace to our minds. This peace of mind allows us to operate more efficiently in our lives. When you start applying the Law of Mind Action, you will begin to see transformational shifts take place in your life. And you will be Amazed!