Beauty by the Dosha

The science of Ayurveda holds that every part of us is governed by the doshas, the five elements that sustain life. Skin is no exception. ayurveda teachings suggest that applying essential oils appropriate to your dosha can rejuvenate the skin and bring harmony to the mind. Glowing skin and inner peace sounds good, right? And here’s how to get it.

If you’re a Pitta type: The Pitta dosha is governed by fire and water and manifest in oily, sensitive skin with a tendency toward inflammation, rashes and acne. Try soothing, cooling essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, fennel, neroli, melissa and sandalwood.

If you’re a Kapha type: The Kapha dosha is governed by earth and water and can have either beautiful smooth skin or skin that is beset by excessive oil, congestion and cystic acne. Keep it energized and unclogged with stimulating oils like rosemary, spearmint, eucalyptus, clove, juniper and ginger.

If you’re a Vata type: If you skin is dry and thin and has a tendency to develop fine lines, you’re dealing with vata governed by air and ether.  Ayurvedic principles suggest that vata types benefit from daily self massage with sesame oil and a skin-care routine that features essential oils with sweet, grounding energy, such as rose, neroli, orange and geranium.

Which ever type of dosha you are or even if you have a mixture of the doshas in you, the skincare line DoshaCare is exactly what you need. It can be customized to take care of your skin no matter what challenges it may be facing.

To learn more or to set up a consultation go to: www.healthhealingwellness.com

Wishing you much health and wellness.


Rochele Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous





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