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Magnetize Your Dream Life Using Vastu with Michael and Robin Mastro – Part 2


The conversation continues with Michael and Robin Mastro regarding how to use Vastu to create the energy in your environment to create the life of your dreams.

The show starts with Michael answering the questions of: will you notice the benefits that Vastu has on your environment right away and what might some of the things that you notice regarding the energy in your environment.

Michael continues to share how the energy in your environment has a direct effect on your internal state of health and wellbeing and why it is so important to pay attention to the energy of your environment.

Robin discusses how your astrological chart is connected to your environment and how nothing is accidental.

We all have the power to change what is happening with our energy internally when we pay attention to the energy of our environment.

If you want to create and magnetize your dream life it is essential to pay attention to the energy of your environment. 


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