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Being Unstoppable with Dr. Pamela J. Pine and Dr. Nailah Beraki


Being and Communicating Your Unstoppability


When a person sets out on their journey in life unexpected challenges can occur that lead to a true reflection of what life is all about.

Being unstoppable is not something that a person thinks about, it is something that they do.

Being an unstoppable woman is critical to creating a better world for the future generations coming behind us.

The process of developing into an unstoppable woman comes from the empathy one has for oneself.

Join Rochel Marie Lawson as she has an in-depth conversation with Dr. Pamela J. Pine and Dr. Nailah Beraki about the journey of being and communicating your unstoppability to the world.


In this episode you will learn:

  • The value of reflecting on your life and life lessons
  • The importance of connecting with your true voice
  • How to learn and move forward when unexpected challenges appear in our life
  • The importance of connecting your thoughts with your heart through your throat chakra
  • The power of connecting and sharing your stories and words of wisdom with other women.

And more!

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