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Sunrises and Sunsets with Holley Kelley – part 2


Sunrises and Sunsets  – Part 2

Rochel Marie Lawson and Holley Kelley continue discussing the importance of living life and how the older generation has so many words of wisdom and lessons to share with us. They chat about why the older generation may be fussy or demanding at times and how the younger generation should have grace, empathy, patience, and understanding because one day they will be in the same state if they are lucky. In addition, Holley shares how to create a beautiful sunset plan that is beautiful and unique to you. A lovely conversation filled with laughter, wisdom, happiness, and a wealth of information to assist with planning for the sunset in your life.   


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How-To instructions on preparing “Dear Loved Ones” letters
  • Why you should write your obituary with facts and flair
  • The importance of leaving your family an archived family history with health history included
  • The importance of leaving a four-generation or more family tree
  • What death experiences or experiences with the aging generation may have sparked your interest in this area.

And more. 


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