5 Preparation Steps to Take before Doing a Spring Cleanse

Any transition between seasons is a great opportunity for a detox or cleanse, but spring in particular is the perfect time. Toxins that build up in the body through the winter prevent you from moving nutrients through the body efficiently, and the purpose of my 7-Day Detox Cleanse [Purchase Page] is to get you back on track just in time for summer!

During this cleanse, you’ll eat easy-to-digest foods and maintain enough variety in your diet to keep you from losing interest in the program or feeling too hungry. In fact, doing a detox for 7 days is just enough time to stoke your digestive fire but not long enough that you would need the guidance of a professional – you can do this cleanse safely all on your own.

However, if you’re thinking about doing a cleanse, there are certain action steps to take before getting started. Here’s what you can do to prepare your body for a rejuvenating 7-day process:

Prep Step #1: Be Cautious

If you take medication or suffer from medical conditions, please consult with your physician to make sure you have the green light to move forward.

Prep Step #2: Eliminate Diet Crutches

A “diet crutch” is a type of food or beverage that we rely on to make it through a stressful moment. Caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, dairy, meat, fried or processed foods, sugar or any other unhealthy foods are perfect examples.  Eliminating the Snickers bar at 3 pm at least a week before your detox will help ease your body into the process.

Prep Step #3: Schedule Time Off

Take time off work so that you can truly clear your system without experiencing intense outside work stress. Taking time off to simply focus on a self-care process will do wonders to get your body regulated, strengthened and rested (not to mention it will give your brain a break from constant stimulation).

Prep Step #4: Set Up a Home Practice

If you have a room in which you can meditate or have quiet time, you’ll have a wonderful space to retreat before and during the detox. You can read, listen to inspiring music and relax in peace.

Prep Step #5: Unplug!

This one’s important. Notify your friends and family that you’re ignoring social media and email for a while. This will reduce stimulation and allow your mind to take a rest.

I suggest going through these 5 steps at least a week before the detox plan. You will see wonderful benefits if you do! Not only will you feel rested and restored, but you will have more energy, likely experience weight loss and feel happier. It’s a win-win-win!

Are you looking for the right detox cleanse to kick off the spring and summer? Take a look at my very mild, deeply restorative 7-Day Detox Cleanse [Purchase Page]. And don’t forget to get more tips and ideas for your healthful journey by visiting THIS PAGE [ FreeGiftsFromRochele.com]!

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