Why We Spa

Think going to the spa is just about feeling good for a day? Here a six additional benefits you can reap, at no extra cost.

I view going to a spa as giving my body an extra special thank you for all that is provided to me however I know that while I’m at the spa, my mind, body and spirit are absorbing so much more.

Education: Everything done at a spa is about what we take home with us. You might learn how to be more balanced in your body, you might learn how to cook a nutritious meal simply and elegantly. Either way you will leave feeling informed and empowered to make healthy changes in your life. Spas also provide a chance to learn about skin and body care in an individualized way. A spa provides a safe haven where we can educate ourselves about how to take the best care of ourselves.

Balance: Overworked and overwhelmed are two words that many of us would use describe ourselves. We are simply doing too much and are unable to feel truly calm, centered and focused. When people leave a spa they are usually more balanced because they have experienced some tranquility and peace. They are also motivated to try to maintain that effect because it feels so much better.

Self-Acceptance:  There aren’t many places that feel truly private, where we can take off the masks we wear for the world and strip down to our essence, but a spa is one of them. By going to a spa, you are taking time out of your busy life and invoking all your senses to stay grounded in the present moment.  Simply by deciding to visit a spa, we express a consciousness that our bodies deserve to honored and taken care of. This important acknowledgement can be the start of a new, healthier way of thinking about our physical selves.

Gratitude:  Most of us go through life with a tape playing in our heads that tells us all the things we are doing wrong and all the ways we don’t measure up. How often do we stop and do the opposite count up all the thing in our lives that we are thankful for? Visiting a spa provides a rare opportunity, a chance to reflect on our lives and what matters to us. A guided meditation ma lead us to a new appreciation for love and family as the anchor that makes everything else in life worthwhile. An energy healing might allow us to identify a source of pain and give us the insights and personal power to set about changing it.

Touch:  A good massage is about much more than relief for sore muscles, a healing tought can be a profound experience of personal connection, to others and to the world at large. Massage not only release a cascade of hormones that fight stress and anxiety, it offers us new awareness of our bodies and what they need. Our bodies talk to us all the time, but we don’t know how to listen until something really goes wrong and we are in terrible pain. Massage gives us the chance to catch things before that happens.

Well-Being:  Simply taking time to take care of ourselves is a revolutionary act for many of us. It requires a complete change in thinking from our usual priorities. The health benefits that come from visiting a spa are real and concrete, whether it’s the stress-fighting benefits of reflexology or the detoxification effects of a body wrap. Purging toxins and remineralizing the skin can make a real difference after just one treatment. More important, is the profound effect of taking time to focus on you own well-being, whether for just a few hours or a few days. In essence you are saying to yourself, I’m important too. I deserve to be cared for and any self-help expert will tell you that we can’t effectively help other unless we heal ourselves first.


Rochele Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous



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