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How to Stay Blissful While Driving: Part 2

This blog post is Part 2 of a series on mindful driving. Last week, I shared three tips for being a cool-headed traveler (click HERE).

Focus, Focus, Focus

You might have started your trip by centering your mind, breathing deeply and securing any important objects that could fly away. But what if, after you’ve been on the road for a while, you and your spouse or kids get into an argument?

Keep your mind focused on the roadway to stay actively engaged with driving. It helps to deflect any distractions that come up. If at any point something chaotic (such as an accident) stresses you out, you can return to a deep breathing process (take three to five long, slow, deep breaths).

Outside Events Aren’t the Boss of You

When we need to get somewhere on time and are delayed by unexpected traffic or accidents, our energy feels sapped. Somehow we feel we should have been in control of it, should have known better or left earlier. If you’re feeling like this, just know that there’s some reason the Universe is asking you to engage in a slowing down process.

Unknown-1If you feel agitated by anything happening on the road that you have no control over, the best thing you can do is realize: you have no control! It is what it is. This mindset liberates us and helps release tension and pressure.

As long as you’re safe and sound in your car, everything will turn out fine. Arriving a little late is better than not arriving at all. Consider that there might be a reason for the delays that’s beyond your knowledge. It helps us relax and develop a keen sense of concentration. Let go of needing to be in charge, crank up the radio and actively absorb your favorite music.

Music Soothes

Many people listen to talk radio while they commute and if the topic is inflammatory, you may find yourself becoming tense. Change the channel to music you like! The mind will relax and when the mind relaxes, the body does, too.

Once you’ve passed through the traffic or roadside chaos, you can always come back to your talk show. Music taps in to the feel-good centers of the brain, which release more of those relaxing neurotransmitters.

Avoid Grumpy Fellow Travelers

There’s nothing worse than an angry driver doing something nasty that could injure you, themselves or both of you. Stay mindfully aware of those exhibiting aggressive behavior (such as speeding up near you, tailgating or flipping you off as they pass by).

If you see another driver getting visibly angry because you’re driving too slowly and they’re tailgating, move over if you can. Go ahead and let them race ahead of you. That will ease their stress and yours. You won’t change their driving behavior by being stubborn and letting them ride your tail – it’ll just make them angrier. Later you can always scoot back into the lane you’d prefer to drive in.

One final tip

Spray some citrus essential oils in your car to maintain a yummy, stress-free, loving environment. Happy driving!

Want to learn even more about staying blissful no matter what happens? Click HERE to receive my free bliss tips today.

Wishing you peace to your mind, wellness to your body and tranquility to your spirit.


Rochele Lawson

Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS
The Queen of Feeling Fabulous
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