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Living a Life in Full Bloom with Elizabeth Murray – Part 1


Living A Life In Full Bloom

In part one of this show, Elizabeth Murray talks with Rochel Marie Lawson about how to celebrate beauty, connect to spirit and inspire others to weave a personal commitment to what they love, bringing purpose and meaning into each day. A life in full bloom is where we find our meaning and purpose by using our gifts and passions to contribute.

  • Spiritual Connection with Nature
  • Garden metaphors
    • Being in full bloom like a flower
    • Do not be after perfect, it will only last a moment
    • Be connected with seasons and rhythms
    • There is timing for everything. A rhythm. A time for dormancy and a time for stimulation.
    • There is relationship and harmony with everything
    • There is maintenance – pruning and taking care
    • Be rooted – if you are not rooted you can be dry easily and tipped over easily.
    • Be not so busy or choked otherwise you won’t bloom
  • 4 Pathways
    • Gardener – Be really connected with earth and nature
    • Artist – Expand imagination and creativity. How we connect with beauty.
    • Lover – Connecting with your heart, what has meaning in your life and what you have passion for.
    • Spirit Weaver – Spirit connections
Links to Rochel Marie Lawson
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