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Living A Life in Full Bloom with Elizabeth Murray – Part 2


Living A Life In Full Bloom

In part 2 of this conversation with Elizabeth Murray and Rochel Marie Lawson, the conversation starts with Elizabeth explaining how she has come up with the practices that lead to living a life in full bloom. A life in full bloom is where we find our meaning and purpose by using our gifts and passions to contribute.

The show’s talking points:

  • We all experience all 4 pathways in our lifetime.

  • You can choose the pathway with anything that you are drawn to. It is what you should practice

  • Each of one us is experiencing different seasons.

  • We have all been pruned differently.

  • We can always choose happiness

  • Be purposeful in our life means we have to contribute. The sense of accomplishment is not what you acquire but what you contribute

  • Choose meaningful contributions over materialism/consumerism

  • Create a life with purpose, meaning, and balance

  • Life mapping – Finding your north star

  • Look at what you love

  • Look at your gifts

  • Look at what you think the world needs

  • A lot of people’s sources of happiness are external sources.

  • Happiness is connecting with yourself, nature and others.

  • Learn to celebrate your accomplishments – the big and little ones.

  • Look outside the window and see something of beauty and feel that beauty within yourself.

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