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Entering the Mind with C von and Rachel


Entering the Mind


Are you curious about your mind? Did you know that it’s possible to enter your mind? Are you aware that as beautiful as meditation is, it can be taken to a higher level by a practice called Dzogchen? Have you heard of Dzogchen? Did you know that Dzogchen has existed for thousands of years alongside the practice of meditation? We all know meditation is good for us however are you aware that through the practice of Dzogchen we can alleviate or even eradicate our dreaded experiences of anxiety, fear, anger, depression, addiction, or other conditions that we face in our everyday lives? Entering the mind puts you on a journey of discovery and awakening but how does this happen? Join Rochel Marie Lawson, The Queen of Feeling Fabulous as she chats with C von Hassett and Rachel Wilkie about the life-changing condition of entering the mind.


In this episode you will learn:

  • What Dzogchen is
  • The beauty of meditation and how it relates to Dzogchen
  • How entering the mind is absolutely possible
  • What the mind “really” is
  • How recognizing your mind opens up your innate understanding of “your” mind
  • The importance of the “emptiness” of the mind and how it connects us all

And more!



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Links to Rochel Marie Lawson
C von and Rachel:
Entering the Mind: www.enteringthemind.com
Riot Material Magazine: www.riotmaterial.com
Instagram: @enteringthemind.  and @riotmaterial




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