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Unstoppable Wellbeing with Betsy D


Unstoppable Well-being


Our well-being is our greatest asset, so why do so many people neglect to make it a priority in their life? Are you aware that taking care of yourself and improving your health and well-being can be quickly done by implementing quick and simple strategies? Did you know that in just a few moments per day, you can change the trajectory of your well-being so that you feel energized and vibrant? What if you could implement one well-being strategy adding ten years to your life? Would you do it? How does feeling healthy and well allow you to be the unstoppable person you are meant to be? Does it cost a lot of money to have unstoppable well-being? Join Rochel Marie Lawson, The Queen of Feeling Fabulous, as she chats with Betsy D about unstoppable well-being for brave, bold, and unstoppable women. 

In this episode, you will learn.


  • The definition of unstoppable well-being.
  • Why unstoppable well-being is the key to living your most extraordinary life.
  • How, in minutes per day, you can change your well-being from funky to fabulous.
  • Tips to keep you healthy and well in the workplace, your life, and beyond.
  • The importance of labeling your well-being your greatest asset and how this changes your life immediately.

And more!


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