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The Makings of a Brave, Bold & Unstoppable Woman with Clara Capano


The Makings of a Brave, Bold & Unstoppable Woman 

During this conversation, Rochel Marie Lawson, The Queen of Feeling Fabulous, will discuss with Clara Capano how a woman becomes brave, bold & unstoppable in today’s world. What are the key ingredients women need to step out of the traditional mold for women in business and life created by men? What are some things women need to do to be brave, bold & unstoppable? Is turning passion into purpose one of those brave, bold & unstoppable leaps women can take? What’s the first thing a woman should do when she comes to a crossroads in her life? And is now the right time to do this or not?

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why working harder is not the key to being a brave, bold & unstoppable woman
  • Why having it “all” is not the truth of your passion
  • Why you playing small does not translate into you living your passion
  • What to do for yourself that no one will tell you about
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people
  • How to step out of the limiting beliefs that it’s ok to play small in life

And so much more!



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