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Why a Gentle Detox is Perfect Now

This is the perfect opportunity to slow down and tune in to yourself.

Though we may eat lighter in the summertime, our bodies can still build up multiple toxins from rushing to pack in a ton of activities. Certain dietary habits, keeping the kids occupied and technology overload all contribute to the build up.

The juncture between the heat of the summer and winter’s cold provides a perfect opportunity to recognize bad habits and then embrace healthier ones as you transition into fall and winter. I recommend that people synchronize four detoxes a year with each change of seasons. Fall is a natural time of transition when we want to feel more vibrant and clear.

Doing a gentle detox will not only facilitate the removal of toxins from your body, it will strengthen your immune system against wintertime viruses.

7-Day Detox

I offer three specific detox programs, from gentle to very deep and intense. A gentle detox program will reset your body and mind, and my 7-Day Detox program is safe, effective and based on Ayurvedic principles.

Popular cleanses that ask you to take extreme measures are not designed to support you in the long run. They’re meant to help you purge quickly.

When you detox too quickly, you remove some (but not the majority of) toxins so it leaves your body in an imbalanced state.

In my 7-Day Detox program, your body will cleanse itself physically and mentally but you’ll also lose some weight. I’ve had clients lose anywhere from five to ten pounds. Most importantly, you’re nourishing your body with yummy food. Continue reading