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Deprivation is not the key to successful weight loss

Lasting weight loss doesn’t begin with deprivation or counting calories. It begins by taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Once you begin the process of becoming aware that you and only you can take care of yourself the way you should then progress with successful weight management can take place. Let me explain.

First of all let me explain that I am a person that has never had weight management issues. I have always been athletic and have always been very cautious of what I ate because when I was young I suffered from a chronic digestive condition. However because of my challenges and the weight management challenges of those around me as well as my experience as a health care professional, I have seen it time and time again that if you do not take the issues with food and weight in the mind, then you will struggle with losing and gaining weight for the rest of your life and each time you lose, you will gain more weight than you lost. It is going to be a never ending deadly cycle.

The good news is that I know that a person can successfully lose and maintain their desired weight bring more peace into their weight loss program. I have experienced my clients losing the weight that they desired and keeping it off, even during the holidays. The process of incorporating taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally, has made a significant difference in the way they viewed themselves and their relationship to food.

The program is not complex and has some components of what would be called “mental toughness” tools but within the structure there is support and accountability. My program consist of a cleanse/detoxification first to remove embedded toxins, gentle yoga asanas, breath work and meditation to help you de-stress your mind and your body and tune into what your body really needs. Most people focus on the food aspect first but for success to occur it doesn’t work that way.

Before you can embrace the lifestyle changes that result in lost pounds, you must first to learn to take care of yourself and make your health and wellness your number one priority. This also includes making a conscious practice to feed yourself healthy meals based on the guidelines designed for you in the program. When eating becomes a self care practice more instead of a reason of guilt or punishment, you are more likely to make healthy food choices and tune into your body’s cues when you have had enough. When living beings are nourished, they thrive.

If you are a person that is used to going for long periods without nourishment or depriving yourself then overeating, you will have to teach yourself to eat regularly. This may mean eating at least 3 times per day with a couple of snacks. This eating schedule will help keep your blood sugar regular and helps you to avoid unhealthy snacking and taking in excess unwanted calories that lead to toxins and fat.

Successful and lasting weight loss can be achieved in an easy manner. Although it maybe easy to do it is not a simple thing to incorporate when you have had such a bad habit for so long. Rest assured with guidance, support, education and practice you can be success at managing your weight when you utilize the secret success tools for weight management.

Would you like to learn the secret success tools?

Wishing you much health and wellness!


Rochele Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous

For a free secret success weight management tool session send me a message at:

info@healthhealingwellness and in the subject line put “secret success”



5 thoughts on “Deprivation is not the key to successful weight loss

  1. In what we most hear, moderation is the key to be successful in weight loss. Moderation in a way that we should eat in a responsible way, sweet and fatty foods should be avoided and at least do physical activities and exercise. In fact diet pills and supplements are useless if we still don’t change our lifestyle.

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