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How Stress is Affecting Your Health

In our modern world, being in a stressful state is often regarded as normal or even laudable as a sign of hard work. The reality is that when you’re under stress, no matter how well you handle it, eventually you will begin to see the affects on your physical, mental and spiritual health.

 Fight or Flight

When our bodies are in a stressful state, they release endorphins, the fight or flight stress hormone, as well as adrenaline, epinephrine and norepinephrine. When you’re in a constant state of stress, the hormones and steroids that should only operate when you’re truly in a fight of flight situation are constantly being released into your body.

When this happens, the weakest part of your body will be affected first. You may begin to develop high blood pressure or have kidney issues. You may suffer like I did (https://ayurvedahealing.org/2014/01/13/ayurveda-honor…ndividual-body) from digestive challenges or have problems in the mind, such as intense anger, depression or extreme anxiety that begin to affect the way you treat others.

When all these things are going on constantly, the body shifts into a frantic and panicked state.

How to Tell if You’re Under Stress

It’s not unusual for someone under prolonged stress to get so used to it that she or he begins to think that’s just how life goes. They may not realize something is off until another person points it out to them, or they’re suddenly dealing with a crisis that forces them to change their ways. So how can you tell if you’re living with the kind of stress that will affect your health?

Pay attention to the signs. Physically, people under tremendous stress being to experience chest pains or more frequent migraines. Rapid weight loss or weight gain is also common, depending on how the person is dealing with stress.

Another sure sign of stress is the state of your relationships. When you’re stressed, you interact with your friends, co-workers and loved ones differently. For instance, when I am under a lot of stress, I become short-tempered and have a sharp tongue. I don’t care what I say or if I’ve hurt your feelings, and I become vindictive. That’s not normal for me, and when I act like that it pushes people away and it’s a clear sign that something is out of balance.

What You Can Do Today

If you’re feeling a lot of stress, or if you recognize any of the symptoms above as your own, there are several things you can do right now to replace stress hormones with feel-good hormones, and they’re all very easy!

Take a walk in nature. Let yourself be pulled away from the everyday stresses at work and with your family.

If you can’t do that, turn on some music you like – blast it! If you’re driving and you feel yourself getting angry, turn on some nice music on the radio and just chill, relax.

Spend time with uplifting friends. Even just sitting down for a 40-minute cup of coffee with someone you like can make a great difference in your stress levels.

Stress is definitely very present in our 21st century lives, but it is also manageable and doesn’t have to make you miserable. Have you tried any of these simple tricks to relieve stress? Share your experience in the comments below.

Wishing You Much Health and Wellness!


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous




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