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Why Detoxification is Vital to Your Health

I strongly believe that detoxification is something we should all do periodically. I suggest people do it four times a year, with one of those times being a very deep detox. Let me explain why.

We are surrounded by toxic materials 24/7. Many of them we know about, but many of them are so new that we’re not aware of how they are affecting us.

Let’s first define a toxin as anything that leads us to a behavior that’s not natural or conducive to our overall benefit. Our goal as healthy humans is to ingest things that uplift us, whether that’s organic food or media that promotes love and community.

Body Toxins

At this point, most of us are aware of the pesticides in our produce and the hormones in our meat products. Cell phone towers are contaminating our soil, which then contaminates our plants, animals and water sources.

Every time you take a warm shower, your pores are opening up and allowing all the toxins in the water source to rush into your skin. If you’re not using a filter on your showerhead, you’re setting yourself up to absorb a lot of chemicals that you probably didn’t even know about.

The prescription medication you’re taking may be helping one symptom that you have, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s wrecking havoc on another part of your body.

Its simple things like this that cause your digestive system to become sluggish or your whole body to be out of balance.

Mind Toxins

Our minds suffer from toxic entertainment that causes us to be on edge all the time, which causes stress.              ( https://ayurvedahealing.org/2014/01/27/how-stress-is-…ng-your-health/)

Sexual innuendo is so prevalent in our society now that you see it (and hear it) everywhere you go: in commercials, in music lyrics and in magazines. We’re constantly being bombarded with messages that aren’t necessarily healthy and can lead to destructive behavior.

What your mind sees, it perceives as real. When you watch a violent television show, it plants a seed in your mind that begins to move toward reality. At the same time, when you have a vision board and see the wonderful things you want for your life every morning when you wake up, a more healthy seed is planted.

Time to Detox

Let’s allow things in that are here to uplift the body and let it flow as a river instead of getting backed up and stopped.

Detoxing gets rid of all the toxic material within us so we can build healthy cells and have a strong body and a calm, peaceful and balanced mind. Choosing the right detox for you depends on how much time you have and how intense you’re ready to go. To do it effectively, you must do exercises to keep your mind at peace and connect you with spirit.

If you’re ready for a detoxification process, let’s talk. Follow THIS LINK to get started today.  


Wishing you Much Health and Wellness!


Rochel Marie Lawson, RN,AHP,CMS

The Queen of Feeling Fabulous






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